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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The T-shirt Adventure

Friday: This morning I wanted to wear a specific t-shirt;  my mood often dictates what I want to wear. The first decision is t-shirt or blouse? If I am in a girly mood or going to work, a blouse is chosen. If I am at home it will depend on whether I need cheering up as to what I choose. Usually a blouse will make me feel special however, on some days, I just want a happy t-shirt to get me through the day. Then comes the decision on what colour…

Today I felt like wearing my Lee-loo ‘Supreme Being’ from teefury (a Fifth Element fan created tee for those who are not familiar with it). These are limited editions and sell for only $11 (plus postage). You can vote to return the design for a limited time.

I went looking a couple of weeks back when I felt the urge to wear it then. No luck. I could not find the t-shirt. I had a cursory glance over the jumbled drawer and decided to wear my Poirot tee instead as it was right there staring me in the face.

And here’s the rub; I could not find the t-shirt unless I took all of them out of my two drawers and go searching in earnest. But I had not had the time to do so. Until now. This is the first day in over a week that I have had the time to remove the contents of both drawers and do some organising. (My dear hubby has been putting the clothes washing away while I have been unwell and he is not the picky organiser that I am ).

So right now I am thinking… first world problems…  But I still hunker down to the task of refolding them, colour coding (yep, I do that) and repacking them into the drawers.

tshirts 1309

And this is just the top drawer!  You will notice the source of my hour-and-one-half search taking pride and place in the photo above. It was not actually in the top drawer, where it should have been put, but in the second drawer which is dedicated to those ‘special-one-off-museum/special-event-men-only-cut-tees-that-you-have-to-get’ t-shirts that you buy to prove you were there… Been there. Got the t-shirt.

It was a task well worth it as I found a few t-shirts that I have been looking for recently. All is now organised. At least until the next load of clothes washing is done.

tshirts top 1309     tshirts bottom 1309
top drawer…                                      second drawer…

The T-shirt Adventure

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