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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Returning characters

Wednesday is the weekly writing race held by Australian Writers’ Marketplace online (on Facebook). Each week they have a different author to ‘host’ the race. We can ask questions, get advice, just chat or (more importantly) get an hour to sit down and write (or edit, or plan – the choice is ours) along side a group that encourages us to do so.

I ‘attend’ most weeks. It gives me a kick up the bum. Sometimes I get a lot done. Sometimes I just get good ideas or advice. This week I managed to finish my first edit on The Magic Lantern. I have managed to cull over 100 words. I doubt I will be able to cull the other 500. It might have to remain a 3500 word short story.

I have shared a bit more about this short story in A Kick up the ButtI rather enjoy the characters – two Victorian era doctors. One has a private practice on Harley St, working for the police as coroner part-time (he likes mysteries) and the other is an ophthalmologist/optician with upper class connections (officially there were not separate opticians until a few decades later). She is a widow who loves mysteries (hates photographers). Together they get into scrapes of the most unusual kind.  We first met them in An Eye for Detail (which I DID manage to keep under 3000 words.) I am having fun with these characters and have no doubt they will return for more adventures.

Yep. I had fun last night. :)

Returning characters

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