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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Retro fever

For many years I have been coveting the retro style of my friend Abi (who run Seams Nostalgic). I have a few retro outfits but not enough! When I go shopping for potential new outfits, I get very frustrated; Off the rack clothing is harder to get in larger sizes unless I go bespoke or specialist stores which I cannot afford right now. There are internet stores with some lovely larger sizes but I am a bit reticent ordering clothing online as I have had so many misses as far as fit goes (and return postage is often a killer).
My style icon is Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. (and some of Nigella’s retro clothing) It is so refreshing to find  full-figured women who dresses so impeccably with retro style… on television! I have been slowly collecting vintage patterns (some originals), from garage sales, opshops and occasionally from ebay (though they can get unecessarily costly there). Recently Simplicity and Vogue have been re-issuing 1940s, 1950s and 1960s patterns. Hallelujah! I have made a few outfits and assembled a few from opshop finds but have always had an excuse for putting off all that sewing.

I thoroughly enjoyed dressing in my 50s outfit to see Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, last year (the spotted white dress below)

me 1 me 2me 4
Monday: After six months, I finally found some time (and drive) to start sewing again for the ACG Ball; now that I am in the sewing mood, I am trying to make some new summer clothing. Todays mission was to trace up some patterns for a skirt and blouse (blouse from Simplicity 2154). Mission accomplished.

I am looking for a more stylish summer. I need some cheering up!

Retro fever

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