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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Book Artwork Commission

This week I have managed to do some writing, some sewing, some photography and today I was giving into my artistic muse. One of my friend’s is writing a book, based on a translated book on a period rapier style. He asked me to do some artwork for him, in the style of the original manuscript. As a rapier enthusiast, I was chuffed. Of course I would!

After some research and detailed discussions to find out what he was hoping for, I poured over  copies of the original manuscript and photos taken for the book. I find that the most important step in any commission is communication; I need to know what the client wants. This saves time in the long run and keeps everyone happy.

I have the beginnings of the cover and inner artwork now done. First I pencil my original sketch. In this case based in part on the period artwork but depicting the fencers photographed in the book (all friends). I was lucky enough to be a the original photo shoot at a local heritage church.

Next I inked the sketches with my nib pen. I love nib pens, preferring them over fine markers. They glide over the paper with the thickness easily varied without damaging the tip (as often happens with a marker). The downside is waiting for the ink to dry. Until then they lay on the table with the family forbidden to touch them.

Here are two examples of the style of artwork that will be in the final book. I am getting excited. Anyone who is interested in buying the final book, please contact me. When it is published, I will let everyone know!
cover ch6

Book Artwork Commission


  1. That is VERY cool. I can think of a number of Drachenwalders who would be interested. What is the book a translation of?

  2. It is based on I33 and discussing how it is done in a practicle way (with photos). It will be available online hopefully in the next few months..
    Current title: I33: Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript.