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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dream vs Day Job

At the beginning of their journey, most writers  probably need to consider a ‘day job’ or risk suffering from the clichéd starving artist’s fate. I cannot lie; one day I hope to have finished my first book and improved my writing to a point where it is published and I could make enough money to not need my ‘day job’.

I think many writers have a similar dream. Some realise the dream. Many give up and never finish their project ; I have read some scary statistics quoting that only 1-2% of writers actually finish their story or book! The rest just keep writing (or procrastinating). Right now I am thankful that I have a ‘day job’ so I can afford to keep writing.

I am awaiting the results of several writing competitions and it is frustrating. Many of them have not published the results; one I have been waiting since the beginning of August to find out. Nada. Some feedback would be a lovely thing as I would have an idea if I am improving. Note this is more a sigh of impatience. I cannot complain as I did achieve short listing in one competition with just my fourth short story. From what I have been told that is a good statistic for a ‘new and emerging’ writer.

While I try to quell my impatience, I will continue to write. I look forward to our next writers’ group meeting and the feedback, constructive criticism and help it will provide. My aim is to improve my writing and learn more of my craft… while having fun!

Recently our daughter has been asking to read my short stories; last week she advised me that she want to write stories. Since then I have have found her scribbling and she has asked about writing competitions to enter. Last week she presented me with two different paragraphs, each the beginning to a different story. I was blown away. I wish I had thought of the concepts for a story. Proud mum moment!

I am encouraging her writing as much as possible. It is great that she is finding a way to express herself; this will be useful in her future life, for communication and possible jobs. Maybe she will become a successful writer? Who knows. I gave her one last lot of advice. Love the writing. Keep on doing the writing but also get a ‘day job’ in the mean time.

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