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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another year...

The only real reason for having a birthday is for an excuse to have a party… and presents! That is what I started writing yesterday beforehand. Today I wonder if actual physical interactions have been replaced with ‘virtual socializing’ and I am lamenting just how easy it is to say one thing and do another. Maybe I am just having a bad day.

This year’s party was a more quiet affair. I was competing with a wedding and several other ‘Facebook’ events. At least some people sent RSVPs and apologies. Many I knew of their alternate plans. September is like that. Next time I will not acquiesce to modern technology and invite via Facebook. I don’t think these events are taken as seriously as actual real invitations. Maybe it is not personal enough?

It was a night of 80s music on MTV and I must admit some of us did sing along to the karaoke (oh the shame!).  For most of the night, we dodged the purple balloons that covered the floor; no one did themselves an injury. Instead of a full-on loud party, I enjoyed meaningful conversation with good friends. Due to life being so busy, I only get to some friends less than I would like; it was great to catch up again.

Food. What else is a party really for but to enjoy food that we really would love to have everyday but really shouldn’t. We had finger sandwiches, ‘little boys’ (savaloy sausages/cheerios – depending where you come from), kabana, a platter of cheeses, fetta and watermelon (sounds weird but is really nummy), cupcakes, dark chocolate coated strawberries, dip with crackers and carrot sticks, mudcake… favourite foods and possibly too much chocolate (is there such a thing?).

party 2013 K

And finally I have played a game of ‘flux’ (Monty Python version). Oh, my head hurts!

One thing I am reminded of today is that friends are like birthdays; they come and go in our lives and we must appreciate them. We don’t always get as many as we would like.

Party time!

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