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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Return of the Ravens.

My ravens are back!

I first met them, a few years ago, when I was gardening in the back yard. I saw a large shadow across the grass. Looking up I saw the iridescent colours of magnificent glossy black wings as one of the ravens landed on the end of our pergola. A pair of piercing white eyes staring back at me. Soon it was joined by its mate. They had been collecting items for a nest, flying continuously back and forth. I greeted them. The larger raven cocked its head in my direction, replying with a low call.

My neighbour must think me strange as I have often conversed with my ravens, over the years. They make me feel safe, less alone. It is as if someone is watching over me; their keen eyesight can spot movement. Maybe they would alert me if there was a brown snake around? Possibly not but the thought does make me feel more comfortable.

Last year, there was a juvenile with them. I have no way to tell if this year’s couple is the original or the now grown juvenile with a new mate. I had been hoping they would return. We have an understanding; they can eat all the rats, mice, snakes and grubs that the wish as long as they do not eat my fruit. So far they have indulged me.

Return of the Ravens.

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