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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pumpkin Time

Why is it that getting ready for a costume event seems to take forever but we are always running out of time? After timing the week so I did not have to do sewing on Saturday, I ended up helping my hubby to finish his hemming.

Daughter dropped off at grandma’s, we were ready to go party as Captain Nemo and Victoria, with Otto tagging along for the ride. (my costume was based on a character by popular artist Ben Kesinger). We picked up a friend of ours who was resplendent in her 1920s flapper outfit (in a most gorgeous shade of blue) and made our way to the ball. Our motorised carriage had some challenges on the way. Do not frett, it was of the passenger train and then looong freight train variety. (It really is a good idea to stop at the railway crossings. Trains are much bigger and usually win the arguement!)

We had a great run and presented ourselves at the Hall’s front door fifteen minutes early. Unfortunately we had to wait about twenty-five minutes to enter, as our hosts struggled to open the door (they had been given the wrong key.) In the end, we used the tradesman’s entrance while the proper key was procured.

I eagerly await the Costumer’s Ball every year. Though I complain about making the costume (I never leave long enough to make it and have serenity on my side) I love having a new costume to wear. It is one of the few occasions that I like to keep it secret to maximize the ‘wow’ factor. Otto in a hat was a big hit.

For some reason, though I do attend other costume events throughout the year, I always feel that I can really let myself go and dance like an idiot (we mastered The Doctor’s dancing like a drunk giraffe dance last night) and having a fun time. I don’t feel that I have to behave in front of the public (when sitting on the ACG table at a Con or at the Medieval Fair representing the SCA) where I have to be respectable, so as not to scare potential newcomers off.

I get to meet up with the regulars and we all revel in all that is costumey fun. This year we had mostly novice and journeyman entrants into the ‘masquerade’ or ‘costume parade’. I always think entrants are amazing; they have the courage to get up in front of all those people. I feel much more comfortable facing a judge for close up inspection of my workmanship than facing an entire room full of people … by myself!

I danced and danced; it is really scary that I used to know all the dance moves to Thriller, Mickey  and of course we ALL did the Nutbush.  It is now past midnight and I have turned into a pumpkin again. Today I have sore muscles and am exhausted physically but mentally it was a breath of fresh air.

I had a Ball!


Pumpkin Time

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