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Monday, September 2, 2013

First Day of Spring; a Photographic Record

After a busy week of writing tasks and costuming, I decided today they would be best avoided. This brings me back to one of my other passions; photography.

irises 0109
I started close to me, around my garden.  Today was the hottest  first day of spring for some years, being 27 degrees celcius. It was a perfect day. The birds were singing, there was a heady smell of freshly cut grass on the breeze. The sun was gentle on the skin. Yesterday my irises were naked; today there were flower buds just waiting to burst open!


The broccoli was just about ready to be picked and, seemingly overnight, it started to flower. I will have to save what I can but, in the meantime, it is looking beautiful in my front yard.

Last year I planted some calendula. At the end of the season they died back and I was not sure if I would need to replant. No need; they have sprung into life with some of the happiest looking flowers in the garden.


Later we drove up into the Adelaide Hills to collect our daughter from grandma’s. I decided to take some more shots ‘on the road’ to practice trying to focus quickly to capture transient scenes and objects. This is not an easy task.

Going up the hill in the early afternoon:

1309drywallgreenhillr  1308ParishHillRd

and down the hill in the late afternoon…
1308greenhillRdPMI took a few when we were up at the vineyard. This was my favourite, looking into the cow paddock next door.

and a few on the way home again. The last one was an interesting fluke… There was a vapour trail from one of the airforce planes. Serendipity is wonderful; the powerlines (out of focus) followed the line of the vapour trail beautifully.

1309StBernardsrd 1308NorthEastRd

First Day of Spring; a Photographic Record

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