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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Feeding the Beast

There was an excitement in the air.  I woke, gulped down my breakfast, quaffed down my cup of tea (in my new Doctor-Who-TARDIS-exploding-cup – a birthday present) and headed off. Though I had a splitting headache, I was determined not to be stopped. It is less than five minutes to the local library. Today it could not be fast enough. Too early! I had to wait for the doors to open at 10 am. Time passes so slowly when the clock is being watched. Today it clawed its way so painfully slowly that I possibly lost several kilos jumping up and down on the spot.

Finally the doors were unlocked and the crowd strode in hoping for a good spot. It was the first ‘official’ meeting of our new (as yet to be named) speculative fiction writers’ group. I say ‘official’ as it was to be the first of our  meetings where we would share our prose and discuss/critique it. We have had one get together to nut out what would happen in the meetings and discuss our goals. But this was it. The real thing… where we have to share our work…

We band of seven merry writers sat down in a corner of the meeting area of the library (close to the cafe), fortified with various forms of caffeine, and proceeded to read our short stories or novel excerpts to our eager compatriots. This was the first time I had read my work aloud and in public, other than to my family or the cat. To say that I was anxious was an understatement. In truth, I was terrified, stumbling over several words as I proceeded.

I had no need of such dread. My fellow writers were understanding, consoling and supportive. Some were published authors, having experienced this all before. Others were near completion of their initial work, relative newcomers and just wanting to start out with their writing. We are a varied bunch of writers with a wealth of ideas, eclectic tastes and interesting backgrounds. Most of all we have a common love of all things speculative in our fiction.

We meet again next month and I am looking forward to it. We have a name now! (Spec Fic Chic) This seems to be exactly what I need to grow as a writer and learn something new of the craft.

Feeding the Beast

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